Leaf LIMS A Lab Information Management System for synthetic biology and beyond

Leaf LIMS is a laboratory information management system (LIMS) designed to make managing projects in a laboratory much easier. By using Leaf LIMS you can keep track of almost everything in the laboratory including samples, results data and even consumable levels.

Project Tracking

Organise your data into projects with the ability to link out to other network-based resources. Products help keep all the information on your end products in a single location and make it easy to find samples used.

Inventory Management

Track how much of each item you have and where it is in in the laboratory. Easily add extra properties to each item to store information you require. Set alerts when amounts of items run low.

Workflow Management

Use task-based workflows to run through processes in the laboratory. Have the task do you calculations for you, easily look up availability of items in the inventory and tweak the tasks to suit your needs. Even export subsets of your results for later processing.

Security and Privacy

Use group based permissions to limit access to projects, items and workflows. Look back at the history of changes made to projects and products.

Web Based and Mobile Ready

Access from either your phone or computer, Leaf LIMS provides full functionality on any modern smartphone.

Easy To Set Up

Leaf LIMS is provided as a Docker image and can be up and running in minutes. It is easy to configure with full documentation available.

Downloading and quick start

Leaf LIMS is provided as Docker images and is run using docker-compose. You'll need Docker and docker-compose installed. You will also need an SSL certificate, you can find some information on how to generate a self signed one here.
  1. Download the setup files and unzip on the server you want to run Leaf LIMS on.
  2. Run the installer: ./installer.py and answer the questions. The administration password can be changed once the system has been created using the password change option in the interface.
  3. The installer will then start Leaf LIMS. Wait a minute for configuration to happen and then head to the web address you configured to login with the username admin.

You can alternatively set up Leaf LIMS without using Docker. Please be aware that this is much more complicated and requires manually installing all dependencies. Please consult the documentation for more information on how to do this.

About us

Leaf LIMS is a collaboration between between the syntehtic biology foundaries at three universities: GeneMill at the University of Liverpool, the EGF at the University of Edinburgh and the Earlham Institute.

If you need to submit a bug you can do this using our official repository on GitHub.

For non-bug related enquiries you can contact the main developer (Thomas Craig) via email at thomas.craig@liverpool.ac.uk.