Leaf LIMS: A Lab Information Management System for synthetic biology and beyond.

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Leaf LIMS provides a lab information management system that helps to track the complex life cycle of samples in a synthetic biology lab environment. Offering workflow, inventory and sample tracking the LIMS is flexible and can be used in almost any lab that requires sample data recording.

Leaf LIMS is a lab information management system that has been designed to work well in a synthetic biology focused lab environment. It has project management, workflow management and inventory tracking capabilities that allow it to keep track of everything that is going on within a lab.

With links to SalesForce and the ability to hyperlink to external pages an entire project can be managed through the system efficiantly and without data going missing.

Leaf LIMS is open source under the MIT licence and is freely available for you to use.


  • Tracking of samples and products produced during the process
  • Inventory tracking
  • Customisable alerting
  • Integration with ordering systems
  • Extensive test suite to ensure new features don't impact existing functionality

Quick start

This requires that you have a recent version of Docker that includes the docker-compose tool. You will also need Python 3 to run the installer.

  1. Download the setup files and unzip on the server you want to run Leaf LIMS on.
  2. Run the installer: ./installer.py and answer the questions. The administration password can be changed once the system has been created.
  3. The installer will then start Leaf LIMS. Wait a minute for configuration to happen and then head to the web address you configured to login with the username admin.


Leaf LIMS requires an SSL certificate to run. If you do not have one you can create a self-signed certificate however your browser will warn you about validity the first time you visit the LIMS.

Quick upgrades

Upgrading simply requires you to stop the system and restart it using the newest images. You can change the versions in the docker-compose.yml and frontend/Dockerfile files.

Downloading code and images

You can download the code from the Leaf LIMS repository, the images from DockerHub or if you're just looking to run the system you can follow the quick start above to get up and running in a matter of minutes.

About Leaf LIMS

Leaf LIMS is developed by a consortium of three major groups at universities in the UK: GeneMill at the University of Liverpool, the EI Foundry at the Earlam Institute and the EGF at Edinburgh University.


The developers of Leaf LIMS take no responsibility for any issues caused by its use.